Price List

Hair will be immediately revitalized with our intensive moisturizing treatment. So providing exceptional conditioning and restoring hair due to its natural brilliant shine. If you usually style your hair straight, a keratin hair-straightening treatment could shorten your blow-dry time. Therefore we offer Best men’s salon price in Toowoomba.


Lip Wax     $10


Chin Wax     $10


Eyebrow Wax     $18


Eyebrow Tint    $18


Eyelash Tint     $18


Full Face Wax     $37



Pensioner Hair Cut     $36


Hair Trim     $38


Style Cut (Blow Dry)     $50


High School Girls     $29




 Beard Trim     $10


Boys( 2 to 12)     $23


Pensioner Cut     $23


High School     $24


Men’s Cut        $26


Men’s Full Color & Hair cut   $60


Hair Tream     $38


Wash & Set     $38


Blow Dry & Wash      $38

Wash & Straightening    $40


Curls     $45


Up Dos     $65
Formal Up style    $75


Hair Straight

Short     $300


Short To Medium     $350


Medium To Long     $400


Very Long     $450


Head Perm ( Included Set)     $130


Half Head Perm (Included)     $80


Hair Colour

Root Colour Touch Up     $70


Root  Bleach Touch Up     $75


Streaks    $70 


Colour     $75


Balayage From     $150


Ombre Hair Colour     $150


High Light

1/4 Head     $55


1/2 Head     $85


3/4 Head     $95


Full Head     $130


8  Foils With tint     $45


Premium Hair

NAK Power Treatment     $20


Intensive Treatment     $25


Hydratherapy  Treatment     $30


Keratin Treatment     $200


Retape Extension    $ 75 per hour

We use Nak hair products

If you are looking for a style that takes you from everyday office life right through to the weekend. one of our expert teams will offer you a personal consultation to discuss your requirements. Achieving a fashion led style is also possible, catering for both short and long hair styles. Best men’s salon price in Toowoomba, consult for further information. Nak Hair Products has always had an ethical approach to haircare. 

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